Unit P5, Marina Commercial Park, Centre Park Road, Cork

Unlimited Hot Desking:  Access 24/7

Welcome to Culture Co-Working!


Do you need to find a space where you can work in peace? Do you struggle with trying to find a healthy work-life balance? Are you looking for a space where you can hold a meeting?

We have the perfect solution for you! We are a coworking space that rents desks and meeting rooms for everyone. In our workspace you can concentrate on your job, but at the same time you can find time for yourself to relax. In order to allow you to have a good work-life balance, we have a little area where you can take a break from work and have a free coffee. Also, if you need to make an important call, our workspace offers some phone boxes.

Joining Culture Co-Working will not only enhance your productivity but also allow you to grow both personally and professionally by engaging with diverse talents and ideas.