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In our Culture Co-Working community, we welcome both individual members and companies to join our vibrant coworking space. Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur, freelancer or remote worker, or you represent a company looking for a flexible office solution, we have tailored options to meet your specific needs.

For individual members, we offer a supportive and inspiring environment in which you can thrive. Our coworking spaces offer comfortable workstations, high-speed internet and access to shared amenities such as meeting rooms, lounges and fully equipped kitchens. Connect with like-minded professionals, participate in networking events and collaborate on exciting projects. Enjoy the flexibility to choose your preferred working hours and the opportunity to interact with a diverse community of people from different sectors.

For businesses, we offer a scalable solution that adapts to your team’s needs. Whether you are a small start-up, a growing business or an established company, our coworking spaces can be customised to suit your requirements. Enjoy the benefits of a professional office environment without the hassle of long-term leases or infrastructure set-up. Our flexible membership plans and scalable workspaces allow you to easily accommodate team expansions or reductions as needed. Foster a culture of collaboration within your company while taking advantage of our community events and networking opportunities with other companies and potential partners.

Join our coworking community today, either as an individual member or on behalf of a company, and experience the benefits of a collaborative, flexible and inspiring workspace that meets the unique needs of both individuals and businesses.



Phil Oakley – Hockey Ireland

Iris – Equus Journeys

Gillian – GM Plumbing Ltd



Some of the companies that use Culture.

Pinergy Electric

Pinergy SolarElectric

GM Plumbing Ltd


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