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First day….

For most people, including myself, doing something new or for the first time can be a scary experience, it can be quite tempting to say the status quo is fine and there is no need to change but only by doing something new or that scares you can you develop. Using a co-working space can be daunting and you can wonder is this for me or have I picked the right one?

The only way to handle this is by trying it out for a few days to see if it works for you. Most spaces will allow you some time to try out the space. In Culture Co-Working you can try it out for a day free of charge or even another day, we want people to be happy using our excellent space and facilities.

So you have found a space you think you will like and are about to use it for a day, now what do you do?

  • Buy a bag. It doesn’t have to be a backpack but you will need something to put your laptop in and other bits and pieces. If you become a member of Culture Co-Working you will have a locker and storage facilities available.
  • Pick somewhere nice to sit, you don’t have to stay there though most spaces have different areas where anybody can use. Culture has many spots and even beanbags if you fancy one of them!
  • Calls, we all get calls that we don’t want to disturb people with. Ask where you can take / make these calls in most spaces you can use the meeting room or conference room once they are not being used.
  • Tea / Coffee & Snacks, in most places these are provided free of charge and are available all day. Culture also has a kitchen with a microwave and fridge available.
  • People, most members of co-working spaces are nice people and will get on with anybody but like all offices some people have different working styles and you need to respect that. There are normally house rules like people with headphones in don’t want to be disturbed etc.
  • Enjoy it, Members of a co-working space are delighted when new people join and will go out of their way to help people settle in. If you have any questions the manager of the space will be delighted to help In Culture I am there myself all the time and I am here to help with anything that I can.

Co-working spaces are great and the future of the work, if you would like to use Culture Co-Working at any time please email me at Andrew@culturecoworking.ie or ring 021 2427178. I would love to show you around.



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