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Time flies….

I haven’t written a blog in a while mainly because the weeks have been flying by. It is also hard sometimes to think about what to write. You want to create something that people will enjoy reading and connect with and also don’t want to write something stupid! When I finally sat down and thought about what I would write the old saying about how “Time is relative” came to mind. Culture is in business 8 months this month and in one sense it feels like yesterday that we opened, it’s hard to imagine I was doing anything else before.

When you are so invested in something the days can fly by but when you are waiting for a customer to say yes it’s as if time slows down. Every day you are thinking what you have to do today and how can you improve Culture, the day itself may feel long but when you are so focused the weeks and months roll by and you don’t really notice them. When you are building a company it doesn’t feel like “work” in the traditional sense, there really isn’t any set day or time. It helps that it is enjoyable when you start to see something grow it makes the effort you put in so worthwhile but you can’t speed this up it takes time.

That is why co-working spaces work so well for start-ups or people working independently you can come and go as you please. There is always somebody there if you want to bounce an idea off them. Even in just the last 8 months I have seen greater numbers of companies big and small start to look at the benefits that remote and flexible working offer.  Some people like to have a set time when they are working but for more and more people time really is relative.


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