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Holidays to take or not to take..

At Culture we focus on the work-life balance, we believe that providing flexible opening hours and shower facilities we can help people maintain a balance in their life. Last week I took a few days off to keep the balance. It has been a while since I had been on a family holiday and it was wonderful to spend time with the really important people in my life, family and friends. Even though I needed the break and it gave me a chance to take a breath and catch up with everything that has happened since Culture opened. It was still hard to be away at times and it got me thinking about how many people are in the same boat?

More and more of us are realising the importance of taking a break and recharging the batteries but when you love what you do and enjoy going to work it can be hard to fully switch off. Your business is busy and when that is happening you get such a buzz from being in work and part of you really wants to be there. On the other hand if you don’t like what you are doing, in the back of your mind you can be wondering what problems will be there for you when you get back. In both cases it can feel like that you should be there but in reality you don’t. If you have set up your business correctly and prepared properly for when you are away, it will run fine when you are not there for a few days. There are limits to this and if you are away for a long time you better be sure you have a great team in place!

I know a lot of people are in the same position; I am rather envious of the guys who can just switch off completely. Yes your company or work is important but I don’t think there is any amount of business that can surpass the memories you can make with your family over a few days. This first break was a great success and yes I will be taking a few more but when you love what you do work is a nice place to be too!


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