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Myths about Co-Working

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Co-working spaces have rapidly come up as a popular alternative to traditional office settings, offering flexible work environments that satisfy freelancers, startups, and even established companies. These spaces are designed to stimulate collaboration, creativity, and community, providing facilities that range from high-speed internet and meeting rooms to coffee bars and social events. However, several myths about co-working spaces persist.

  1. Co-Working spaces are extremely costly. This one is pretty popular but doesn’t concern our clients because if you are one, you definitely know that our prices have not changed since we opened the business, which is why we have loyal clients that know how good our service is, without even having to raise the costs. In addition, generally, co-working memberships often offer flexible terms, allowing individuals and companies to extend their usage up or down according to their needs without the long-term commitment and elevated costs associated with traditional office rent. This financial flexibility and the ability to pay only for what is needed make co-working spaces a practical and economical choice for many professionals.
  2. If you’re a co-working space owner, you might have heard some people complaining about co-working spaces being noisy and distracting and therefore not ideal for work but they are wrong. This misconception is pretty common in our industry and not a lot of people know that actually 54% of workers find themselves more productive while working in a co-working space. Yes, there are times where people chat and can be a bit noisy but that’s how it works here in order to build a good environment for everyone so, if you prefer absolute silence while working, places like ours are not for you.
  3.  All co-working spaces are similar to one another. In reality, co-working spaces vary widely in their design, atmosphere, and target clientele. Some spaces are adapted for tech startups with a focus on innovation and networking events, while others attract creative professionals with inspiring decor and artistic facilities. Every co-working space has something different from the others, and that’s what leads the customers to find the surroundings that best suits their likings and needs for their working hours. For example, unlike others, we offer free trial days and 2 distinct locations to offer more flexibility to our customers.

I hope this article has dispelled some of the myths around Co-Working spaces!


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