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Who uses a co-working space?

This month I was doing some analysis of who were Culture’s members and to see if our figures were similar to the industry stats. We have some differences particularly in the make-up of who uses the space and what type of industries they are. Most co-working spaces are now being used by small companies or SMEs but they still play a vital role for people in larger companies who may use them as their own personal base when remote working.

The main headline figures were:

  • 66% of our members use Culture as their local or regional office
  • 34% work remotely and split their time between a head office, travelling or working from home. (Remote workers generally make up 13% of co-working spaces)
  • We have a 52% female and 48% male split. (This is the above the average which is 44% female)
  • We have a mixture of Irish (58%) and international companies (42%)
  • 33% of the companies are start-ups with the rest being a mixture of SMEs and large companies. (The industry average is 38% SMEs and 27% start-ups)
  • 10 different nationalities from across the globe


All in all it shows just how diverse our small but growing community is and I think it is representative of the new Cork. In just 18 months this little community has grown up I am delighted to see it do so well and to be a part of it.


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