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10 Reasons why you should join a coworking space

If you are currently looking at moving your business to the next level or moving from a home office then you have a lot of decisions. Getting an office can be a time consuming and expensive. There are new opportunities and coworking spaces give the flexibility to anyone who is looking for a modern, flexible, professional work environment at a reasonable rate. If you are thinking of using a coworking space but are unsure if it will suit you then here are 10 reasons why you should join a coworking space.
  1. Meet new people, by joining a coworking space you get a chance to connect with so many new and interesting people and become part of the spaces community.
  2. Isolation, working from home can sometimes be very lonely and you can find that you are missing the social side of going to an office.
  3. Productivity, coworking spaces are somewhere that you go to work! The best spaces are designed to help you focus on what you have to do and not distract you when you are working. Yes there are areas for chatting and relaxing but when you are at your seat you are not going to be disturbed.
  4. Networking / Business Growth, with so many other businesses in the space there are huge opportunities to develop your business network and grow your business.
  5. Work / Life balance, by leaving the house to go to work you are separating your home life from your work. By working at home it can be hard sometimes to create the split and you can end up working till all hours at home.
  6. Cost, you only pay for what you need. Why pay for an expensive office that you never really use? With monthly membership plans or hourly rates you only pay for what you use. Plus we have free parking so save money there as well!
  7. Flexibility, Culture is open 24/7 to members so you can come and go as you please. The concept of the 9 – 5 job is finished, people need flexibility in the modern world.
  8. Facilities, most coworking spaces have fully kitted out spaces with all the equipment that you need such as printers, projectors, scanners and in Culture’s case showers as well. Why buy all this equipment when you can easily use it in a coworking space?
  9. Scalability, you might start out only using the space a few days a week but might find that you need it more and then you might employ someone. Coworking spaces are designed to grow with you and your needs.
  10. Support, going out on your own or changing careers can be scary but in a coworking space there are people who are either in the same place as you or have been and they are willing to give you any support or advice you might need.

If you would like to find out more and arrange a tour please email andrew@culturecoworking.ie or call us on 021 2427178.


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