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Summer in Cork

Now that the summer is well and truly started, people’s thoughts are turning towards holidays. Many people will be heading overseas and others will be flying into Ireland. Some people will be in the position of extending their break by working for a day here and there. This is where co-working spaces can be a life saver, how often have we all been looking for a phone signal or WIFI? No matter how connected the world is there are still blackspots and most of them seem to be in West Cork! By using a co-working space you can avoid this and also get to meet new people wherever you are. It can be hard to work when everybody else is enjoying their holiday and going to a co-working space may make it easier and allow you to focus more.

So far this summer Culture have had people in from the US, Germany, Italy, Spain and Hong Kong. It has been terrific getting to know all these new people. While they have been remote working they have also been able to explore Cork and the beauty of the county. Tourism in Ireland is growing and with the opening of many co-working spaces throughout the country it is enabling a larger number of people to remote work. Some of our visitors have availed of our free parking while using their bikes to travel around the city or to head further afield.

Co-working is giving people the flexibility in how they work and now where they work.


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