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How does co-working work?

Many people have heard the term “co-working” or “hot desking” but what does it actually mean?

Co-working simply means that you are sharing a space with others, some of them could be other employees of your company or more than likely they work for other companies. You can do this from a different desk each time (hot desking) or you might have a dedicated desk that is only used by you. In some occasions you could be lucky enough to have your own small office.

You could go to the same co-working space all the time or try different ones, working there full time might suit you or just dropping in for a couple of hours at a time is best. Either way co-working will work for you, flexibility is key to co-working. You have access when you need it and you are not paying for somewhere when you aren’t using it. Co-working also generally doesn’t tie you into a long term lease (this is available) but most membership plans run on a monthly basis with no upfront deposit. Here is an article from the Cork Independent about Culture Co-working and co-working spaces.

It is best to try out a space to see if you like it but with monthly membership plans if it doesn’t work out you are only there for a month and can move on. Additionally in Culture we can offer flexible membership options that work for everybody.  Our space offers shower facilities, storage options and a bike rack and we also have free parking on site which is very handy. Each space has its own community and style and once you find the right one, you become part of the community.

So if you think you might like to try out co-working why not come in for a day. Try our free day and see how you get on? Give us a ring on 021 2427178 or email andrew@culturecoworking.ie and I would be delighted to arrange it for you.

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