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A Day in the Life of A Co-Working Space

Everybody is hearing about remote working, co-working and flexible working these days particularly since the advent of Covid-19 but what is it really like to work in a co-working space. Here is a typical day in Culture:

08:00 A business group are having their weekly meeting, some are physically here and others have dialled in.

08:30 Members start to come in, all members whether use a dedicated desk or the hot desks have 24/7 access.

10:00 One of our members is using a meeting room to meet a potential client.

10:30 Some new people have in to hot desk for the day or a few hours, they pay by the hour up to the maximum daily rate of €25 + vat.

11:00 Birthday cake, a member has had a birthday and brought in cake to celebrate. People gather in the canteen area (No singing of Happy Birthday though!)

11:30 A meeting room is being used for a Zoom meeting between a member and their head office in Dublin.

12:30 Lunch time, people start heading off to the different lunch spots around the marina, while others have brought their lunch with them and use the fridge and microwave. A group go off for a run down the marina all our members have access to Culture’s shower facilities so this is ideal if you want to exercise during the day.

2:00 A company have come in for their monthly meetup in one of the meeting rooms. They will be here for 3 hours but will only pay for the hours they use instead of for half a day.

3:00 Other members are arriving in they tend to come later in the day but stay into the evening. With the free parking on site people can come and go as they please.

4:30 Some members are starting to pack up and head home, the bike rack outside is starting to empty. Other people will be staying late here tonight.

7:00 A coach has come in to run an on-line training course; some areas of the city have poor broadband so many people use our rooms for on-line sessions.


So there you have it a snapshot of a normal day in Culture I hope you got a feel for what it is like, if you would like to try it out for yourself we offer trial days anytime and I would be delighted to arrange one for you or just call in and say “Hi”!


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